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welcome and enjoy here!

31mar: HOT! - thanks to Mr. K, we refreshed all mirrors of the disassemble video. check help section to get it! - HOT!
+ 14oct: sorry, if we were quiet for long time, but most people should've got support by mail like we promised. if you did not get the support, please contact again. and there will be a big update in next few days, so... stay tuned!
+ 20mar: added 108 games and applications. for what's new, check here. please support us by donating!
+ 22jan: 2 new domains: www.d600world.tk and www.samsung-javaworld.tk
+ 21jan: no more d500 specific. we are supporting other samsung models too. the name changed: SAMSUNG 'JAVA WORLD' CENTER. also new guides are added (d600, e340 and wap download). please check our help section for more.
++ 08nov: we finally added the disassemble video. please check our help section for more.
+ 25sep: more games checked and added. if you upload the same game/application as already in the database please specify or tell us why you upload it again or else we will delete them.
+ 24sep: we get alot mails such as where the password is. we advise you to check the help section first. as well to all bluetooth users: use the guide by flobot and not the softick one.
+ 22sep: some games were requested to take down by their creators. we've made a list of games which we do not allow on our sites. please do not request us these games by mail,shoutbox either. the list is available here!
+ 21jul: over 80 new games checked and added. you'll find a list of new games here. keep up the good work!
+ 17jul: new email address. please write to d500world-at-gmail-com from now on.
+ 14jul: ATTENTION: we were requested to take down games by Gameloft. To avoid further problems, we request you NOT to upload games by Gameloft anymore. If you are not sure if they are by Gamleloft, please check their site first before uploading. If you ignore this and still upload these games, we will take down www.d500world.tk immediately.
+ 20jun: site reopened again, we wont force you to contribute, but remember if you are only leeching files, there might be no more new games and applications for your phone. take and share!
+ 02jun: this page might be closed for an undefined time if not enough donations are collected. so, please help to support this page! we do not want to see this page down!
+ 31may: lots of new guides added. hopefully, they are useful to you all now.
+ 23may: 350+ files now. dont forget to donate if u want to keep this site alive.
+ 28apr: another big update. please donate if you find the site useful. thanks.
+ 22apr: the page improved alot since last few days. some visual changes as well. help section added. not to forget shoutbox for talkin to each other. of course games were tested and added into game-section, too.
+ 20apr: lots games added in unverified section. test them and report if they work.
+ 19apr: any help will be much appreciated, so do not hesitate to contact or upload files right now.
+ 19apr: welcome here to the d500 java world center. it's pretty new, so please be patient. it takes time to collect games and applications.

Last update: 10.Nov 08